Privacy Policy

1. Compack ECO S.L has designed a privacy policy and established the means and procedures necessary to carry it out.

According to the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (LO 15/1999 of December 13), personal data are understood as "any information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons".

The only personal data that Compack ECO S.L will have access to will be those that the User / Client voluntarily facilitates. In this sense, it is necessary for the User / Client to know that for the registration and registration of some products / services offered through our websites, personal data will be requested. In the cases and with respect to the data in which the User / Client is expressly indicated, if he does not provide the same, he will not be able to access or use said services and contents. This will require identifying data, solvency data, when required by the nature of the operation, and others that, depending on the case, are legally required. Voluntary data are collected for the purpose indicated in the Data Protection clause below.

In compliance with current regulations, Compack ECO S.L has adopted the necessary measures and techniques to maintain the required level of security in regard to personal data processed. It is also equipped with the precise means at its disposal to avoid, as far as possible, unauthorized access, illegal subtractions and modifications and loss of data.

However, if you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from others and your data, therefore, are accessible.

The User / Customer has the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as the case may be, with respect to their personal data, being able to exercise these rights in writing addressed to the address in the Data Protection Clause that Is collected later. In the same way you can revoke at any time the authorization that you have granted for the use or transfer of your data. You may also modify the data that, through the web pages, you have provided to Compack ECO S.L in the form indicated in the same.

1. The user, in the case of being a natural person, is informed that his personal data, to which the "web portal" has access as a result of consultations, transactions, operations, contract solicitation, contracting of products and services that have Place by any means, or of computer processes with respect to already registered data, are incorporated in the corresponding file of the Web Portal, authorizing the latter to the treatment of those that are necessary for its use in relation to the development of the agreed operation or service.

2. It also expressly authorizes the "web portal" for the use of its data in the offer and contracting with him of the products and services of Compack ECO SL, as well as for the development of commercial actions, whether general or adapted to Their personal characteristics.

3. Such commercial actions may be carried out by electronic mail or other equivalent means of electronic communication.

4. The user is informed of his right of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation, regarding his personal data in the terms provided in the Law, being able to exercise these rights in writing by email to the email address Or certified letter addressed to Compack ECO S. L, C / Trole 16-19, 28031 Madrid, being responsible for the file Compack ECO SL, with address for these purposes at the above address.

The user may revoke the authorizations that he has given for the use or transfer of his personal data, except as provided in section A.1 of that clause that is mandatory, in the same way provided in section A.4 above
+34 629025811
C / Trolley 16 of.19
28031 Madrid

Terms of use

COMPACK ECO S.L. With CIF B86346319 Inscribed in the commercial register of Madrid, Volume: 29431 book: 0 folio: 128 Section: 8 Sheet: M 529741 and registered office in C / Trole Nº 16-19, 28031 (Madrid) presents the following commercial offer, with onerous character, of the products included in the website and (Hereinafter Recovain).Mail and phone 652 404 411.
The sales of these products are governed by the following general contracting conditions, which the buyer accepts when purchasing any product of hunting products following the procedure of purchase of this one. These general conditions of purchase are in force for all the products that are offered in the store, being able to modify without previous warning, not affecting the changes to the purchases already made. The conditions of hiring and the procedure of purchase are written in Spanish.
1.- How to Buy
To make a purchase, you first have to compose the cart. To do this, you can select the products you want by clicking on the "buy now" icon or add to the cart that appears under both the product and its extended description. The search can be done by browsing the categories, using the search engine, or by entering advanced search. To add a new product to the cart, simply search for another product by the above means and click "buy now" or add it to the cart. To change the units you must change the number and press "update". To delete a product you must press "delete". Once you have made the shopping cart, you must click on buy if you are not registered, you must do it at the moment, if you registered before, you will ask for a user and password of the store, choose the payment method and the delivery address Defect, billing will appear, indicated when registering as a user) and press "continue". At this time, your order will be issued and can be paid. The delivery date will be effective from the moment your payment is received. If this is not done within a certain period, the order will expire, as the terms and price conditions may vary. However, if you are still interested in the products, you only need to place a new order.
2.- Product Delivery and Availability
The products purchased will be delivered, as a general rule and unless stock breach, within 48-72 hours, indicating in the confirmation of the purchase delivery deadline. For purchases made from Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, we can not guarantee delivery in 48-72 hours, as it is usually somewhat higher.
If the purchased product was not available at that time, the buyer will be notified to choose another product of similar characteristics and price, or resolve the purchase, paying the amounts that have been paid within a period of no more than 3 days since www or have effective proof of payment made
3.- Customer Registration.
To buy at or it is not necessary to register as a customer and enter with username and password.
4.- How to add more products to the Shopping Cart?
Simply by looking for another product and clicking on the shopping cart icon or buy now. If you want to delete a product just click on the "delete" icon. If you want to change the number of units, you must do so in the corresponding box and press "update".
5.- Can the delivery address be changed?
Yes. You can change the shipping address in the shopping cart, which will be independent of the billing address. This will be the one you provided when registering as a customer. By default, the delivery address that will appear will be the billing address. If you wish to change the delivery address once the order has been issued, you will need to contact and we will do it immediately, as long as the order has not left the warehouse.
6.- How is the order placed?
Once the payment method is selected, press "continue". Once this is done you must make the payment.
7.- When do I have to pay?
After sending the Order. And before it expires.
8.- Does an order expire?
Yes. If the order has not been paid within a certain period of time, it will expire, as the price and term conditions may vary. This period of expiration will be 5 days after the confirmation of the order. However, you can make a new order equal to the previous one that will have a new expiration period.
9.- How do you know that any of the conditions are not met?
You will receive an email indicating it and a phone call.
10.- Should you request an invoice?
No. Once the order has left our warehouse, the corresponding invoice is immediately sent.

12. The prices of products offered on the web are indicated in euros (€), and include the VAT (21%) in force at the time of purchase (21%).

If you wish to agree on special delivery and shipping conditions, please contact us at or, if you prefer, call us on 652 404 411, Monday through Friday.
13.- Forms of Payment
Payment of contracted products can be made through:
* Bank transfer or deposit account.
The account number for you to make the income or transfer is:
ES65 2100 5098 7402 0004 4620 (proprietary: Compack Eco s.l.)
We will send the order to you once you have checked in. If you send us an email to with proof of payment, we will send the order to you faster.
* Cash on delivery.
You pay when you receive the product. There will be no charge for collection management fees from the transportation agency.
* PayPal
Secure payment via Paypal payment gateway
* Credit card
Secure payment with credit or debit card through Paypal payment gateway.
14.- Returns
For any purchase made, the buyer has 14 working days from the receipt of the order to return it without cost, although the buyer shall bear the direct costs that entailed the return. The return of the order will be made by sending these to the social address of, in its original packaging, in perfect condition, and communicating prior to the sending of the same the will to desist the purchase by any means admitted in law.
Although the purchase has already been confirmed, and as long as the order has not been sent to the recipient, the buyer retains his right to desist from the purchase made and to the refund of the amount previously charged. In case the shipment has already taken place, the customer must wait for the receipt of the order to request the return.
Once the order is found again in the warehouses of the company Compack Eco s.l. The returned items will be checked, and if everything is correct, the buyer will be refunded the amount of his purchase in the same means of payment excluding shipping costs.
Packages will not have been opened or handled.
If you have any questions, Recovain customer service is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. by calling 652 404 411, or via the email address
Right of withdrawal
Compack Eco s.l. Recognizes to the client the right of withdrawal in the terms and terms recognized in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, in which case Compack Eco s.l. Will reimburse the customer the amount paid in respect of price and applicable taxes, to the account number indicated by the customer. The customer has a term, to exercise the right, of 14 working days from the delivery of the product, being considered as such date, unless proof to the contrary, indicated in the delivery document signed by the same. In order to exercise this right, the client must send an email to and notify him via telephone, in some way admitted in law and within the time limits. In any case, the customer will be responsible for the direct costs of returning the product.
To exercise your right to withdraw from the purchase, you must print and fill in the "model withdrawal" document and place it in the package that includes the items to be returned. Compack Eco s.l. Will refund the amount paid for such purchase within a maximum period of 30 days
15.- Validity of the Offer
The items offered in the online store, and the prices of these, will be available for purchase while they are in the catalog of articles viewed through the website

16.- Communications
The customer service of or, are at your disposal to resolve any circumstance, query or question that arises about the procedure of purchase, delivery of articles, form of payment , Suggestion, etc., through the following means:
Telephone: 652 404 411 (From Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 9 pm)
Facebook: RECOVAIN
17.- Place of Execution of the Contract
The contracts concluded through the web will be presumed celebrated in the domicile of the buyer
Shipping & Returns
If you believe you have the right to claim or return, please follow the following INSTRUCTIONS:
Select and copy the following in the Navigator:
Invoice Number and Date of Invoice:
Client data:
Contact person:
DNI Contact Person:
Collection Address:
Product dates
Product code:
Product name:
Go to Contact Us and paste it under Consultation. Submit SUBJECT: Complaint. Fill it out, state your reasons and send it.
The guarantees of the products are those established by the manufacturers. The warranty periods for the products are specified in the table enclosed.
In the event of a malfunction during this period, the instructions given above must be followed.
1.- Defective delivery: incorrect or damaged product during transportation. It occurs when the delivered product does not match the one specified in the order or it has been damaged, internally or externally, during its shipment.
If this happens you should immediately notify "Portal" by completing and submitting the Form as indicated above. Once received the email we will begin to process its incidence. If you received the damaged packaging it is very important that you indicate it in the delivery note of the carrier at the time of receipt.
The usual procedure will be the same as the commercial return procedure
2.- Commercial Return
It occurs when the customer wants to return any product without any type of incident. This refund is allowed within 7 days from receipt by the customer. To do this you must send to the product data to be returned:
1. Order number.
2. Cause of return.
(Use the same procedure as for the claim, putting Subject: Return Once we have received it, we will proceed to process the return.
The usual procedure will be as follows:
We will contact you to advise you of the acceptance of the return, and the delivery address, which must clearly indicate on the packaging. You must deliver the product within 7 days from the date you received it. (Return will not be allowed outside this period). It will not be applicable to unsealed products, without their original packaging, damaged, or easily reproduced or copied (software, cds ,.).
"Portal" will refund the money once the product has been received and verified that it is in perfect condition. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed on time by email. In this case the amount of the cargo will be borne by the customer, both the first delivery (that "the Portal" will discount the total amount of the return) and the cost of shipping after our warehouses, which will have to do the own client.
The products are out of warranty for the following reasons:
1. If they have received, once delivered to the customer, some deterioration due to external events, accidents, poor follow-up instructions. 2. If there is a fault caused by a component not supplied by "Portal". 3. Products not supplied by "Portal" that add to those provided by "the Portal" are not guaranteed. 4. If applicable, if the general conditions imposed by a manufacturer for a product so indicate.