About us

Compack Eco S.L

It is a company I+D dedicated to the creation and development of new articles for the market. We are a young company highly qualified in our sector, worried for improving our environment and implied in creating useful and novel articles that improve it. Constituted in its foundation for inventors, we are provided with a human team formed by professionals qualified with notable experience in diverse professional sectors for each of the implied processes, which guarantee the success of our products. All our products are made entirely in Spain, with suitable authorized materials of the first quality for the industry.

Our mission is to offer a final product of tendency that covers the needs and expectations of the market, associated with the innovation, by means of the creation and production of the different articles about innovation that we make, which allow us to obtain a final product of useful quality and lasting.

We guarantee to our products a market without competition, for it, all our articles are patented previously and they are protected by the Laws of industrial protection.

Compack Eco S.L

Calle Trole, 16 – 2ª Planta oficina 19
28031 Madrid
Telf: 646793337